Emerson Family

Moscow, Idaho, USA

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Our Country Living Story

We moved from California in 1979 feeling very strongly that this is what God wanted us to do and we have never regretted it. We do not live in the wilderness, but we live in Moscow, Idaho, (the beginning of Northern Idaho) the city of the University of Idaho. We have been here 30 years and we are praying that God will help us to set up a home outside of the city limits of Moscow. My husband is a gardener and we hope that we can have a large enough place where we can help relatives and friends move up here with us who still live in California and other cities. All our plans are in God’s hands and we will wait patiently for His guidance and for every step we take. We are senior citizens now, but with God “All things are possible.” We continue to pray for guidance and the opportunity to help others when the time comes.

Thank you,
J & C Emerson

     “In our day the Lord desires that His people shall be dispersed throughout the earth. They are not to colonize. Jesus said, ‘Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.’ Mark 16:15. When the disciples followed their inclination to remain in large numbers in Jerusalem, persecution was permitted to come upon them, and they were scattered to all parts of the inhabited world.
    For years messages of warning and entreaty have been coming to our people, urging them to go forth into the Master’s great harvest-field, and labor unselfishly for souls.”

Testimonies, vol. 8, p. 215. (1904) {Country Living, p. 21.3} • Ellen G. White