Be prepared to be blessed and encouraged as you read each of the true-life, wilderness family stories below. Here there will be a description or introduction to your family’s story with a link to the full story. Submit your story today and be the next one to encourage others. — Wilderness Family

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The Emerson family from Moscow, ID

We moved from California in 1979 feeling very strongly that this is what God wanted us to do and we have never regretted it.

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The Fischer family from central Idaho

A detailed account of the Fischer’s move to the wilderness, step by step.

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Pletcher Family

Short story of how God led a family near Texarkana, TX after the husband lost his job.

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Radolas Family

Short story of how God led a family to jump cold-turkey from city to country living in Costa Rica.

Story Submitted: May 2012

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Gift of Jehovah – Stanley and Piper from WV

“Once again we found ourselves camping in our van in the mountains of West Virginia. Stanley, my husband, still lost in thought, stared into the crackling fire, wondering, daring to hope, if tomorrow would bring us closer to our dream of moving to the country to raise our children away from worldly enticements.”

Moscow, Idaho Image

The Williams family from Northeast Washington

An ongoing journey based on their desire to follow God’s will and counsel. Come and journey with the Williams family, as they leave Los Angeles, CA in 1992 and launch out on a multifaceted adventure — from the big city to quiet wilderness living.

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