Welcome friends to the Wilderness Family website. Are you tired of the non-stop, worldly, rat-race in the city? Are you longing for something better? Are you ready to follow God’s counsel to move out of the cities into rural, country places? The mountains will be the place of safety for God’s people in these last days. Are you considering a move to a wilderness area? This website is dedicated to sharing real-life stories of Seventh-day Advent Christians, who have already moved or are in the process of moving—from the busy city to a quiet country or wilderness location. Please submit your own story using our online form: Submit Your Story.

We hope you will be encouraged, challenged, and amazed by God’s providential leading in the lives of those who have chosen to put themselves into the hands of their Creator God and His beloved only-begotten Son. Here you can read genuine stories of faith and obedience and discover amazing ways by which God chooses to guide and direct His people—when they trust fully in Him. These are true Wilderness Family stories.

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